About me


Like most people, I began yoga to assist with an ongoing injury, however my practice soon became more than just an hour or so of low impact (and intense!) exercise, and yoga is now a part of me.

After five years or so of practicing I decided to take the plunge and complete my 200 hour teacher training at the Sivananda Vedanta Retreat House in Tyrol, Austria.

Having taught in Austria I aim to spread the teachings and want to assist others, whether it be in a purely physical or spiritual way.

I teach on Monday and Wednesday evenings (see the Classes page for more details) and am also available for one on one classes. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to consult me for a class.


About Yoga


Yoga means "unity" and encourages quietening of the mind from our hectic day to day lives whilst building strength, flexibility and elasticity throughout the body. Some of the benefits of regular yoga practice are:


- Improved posture, balance and awareness

- Improved circulatory, nervous and digestive systems

- Increase of body strength without high impact exercise

- Suppleness and elasticity improvement throughout the spine

- Increase in flexibility and core strength

- Quietening of the mind, bringing clarity and peacefulness


Of course if you have any queries please feel free to contact me.





Below are details of the yoga qualifications I hold:


- 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training - Sivananda Vedanta House, Austria - July/Aug 2014

- Gentle / Assisted Yoga Training - Sivananda Centre, London, May 2015

- Pregnancy Yoga Training - Sivananda Centre, London, May 2016


Recognised as part of the Accessible Yoga network



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