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Assisted /Seated Yoga (booking essential)

Seated Yoga is a class designed for practitioners who are unable to follow a regular asana
class; post-operative and convalescent patients, people with obesity or chronic stress problems. The class are centered around asanas (poses) which can be performed on a chair and are helpful for people who can't sit or lie on the floor without discomfort or assistance. Numbers for these classes are limited and as such if you (or someone you may know) would like to attend please contact me to discuss the class and book your place. Many of my students have benefited greatly from these classes, so even if you are interested but aren't sure if the class is suitable for you, please contact me to so we can discuss.

Monday evenings:

Current block: There are no classes running at present

Wednesday evenings:

Current block: There are no classes running at present

Class prices: £66 for the block of 6. Payment for the classes you can attend is required prior to the block commencing to secure your space. If this causes any issues please contact me and we'll sort something out - practice is the most important thing at the moment!
Articles and interviews about Seated Yoga:
Guernsey has been very welcoming to Seated Yoga and there have been the following articles and interviews:
 "We All Matter, Eh?" campaign by the Guernsey Disability Association (2017):
BBC Guernsey interview (November 2018):
Amy is also recognised as part of the Accessible Yoga Network:
Gentle Sivananda classes for all levels
(beginner-friendly, booking not essential)
At present Sivananda classes are not being held. Please sign up to our newsletter (via the Contact tab) for updates

A small, relaxed class where a range of asanas (poses) are practiced to work all areas of the body. A number of variations are offered to allow beginners, and those who have more experience, the ability to take their practice as far as they wish.  The breathing exercises and long-held asanas (poses) allows you to build strength and tone the body, together with calming the mind.
Drop-in classes with no need to book. Classes cost £12 per lesson (drop-in price), or vouchers can be purchased (5 for £50).
General notes

All asanas are demonstrated and explained, with variations offered for more advanced students. Benefits of the asanas are discussed and questions are more than welcome throughout or after the class.

I would suggest bringing a water bottle, small towel and warm clothing / a light blanket (for final relaxation) with you. It's good to wear something that you are comfortable and can move easily in too. If you need to borrow a mat please contact me prior to class to arrange.
Please contact me prior to attending either of my classes should you have any limitations or injuries which could affect your practice.
Class outlines
- Initial relaxation including traditional short chant by teacher
- Gentle warm up
- Sun sulutations
- Core / lower back exercises
- Performing asanas (poses) focusing on the set target area / theme of the class
- Warm down
- Final relaxation including traditional short chant by teacher

One on one / private sessions / pregnancy classes

I am also available to provide one on one sessions or private lessons to smaller groups. Please contact me if you would like to discuss further.
Directions to classes

To Beaucamp High School Drama Studio:
From main car park: Go into the main building and down the stairs. Walk to the right towards the library. Turn to your left and go down the corridor and the Drama Studio is in front of you.
From the lower car park: To get to the lower car park, carry on driving along the road as if you were going into the main car park, and a little further along on the right there is a car park. Park in there and go through the double doors which take you through the caretaker's store room (I have been assured it is fine to walk through!) The drama studio doors are in front of you.
To Forest School Douzaine building: Drive into the entrance of the Forest School car park. The Douzaine building is the building to the left of the school. The teaching room is the first room on the left as you enter the building.
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