Sivananda Yoga

"I was a complete beginner when I joined Amy's classes, and after a few months I feel like I have a new lease of life! Amy is a patient, friendly and very knowledgeable teacher, who creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Her classes are great fun, and we always have a good laugh." - Samantha


"I love going to Pure Yoga. Amy explains all the positions so well and demonstrates them for you so you can see what you should be aiming for. I love watching my flexibility get better each week and my heels are almost to the floor in downward facing dog which is very exciting! I always leave each class feeling 100 times more relaxed than when I went in and have a clear mind which is great. Thank you Amy!" - Kirsty


"Amy is a kind and welcoming teacher who caters brilliantly for both beginner and advanced students, suggesting adaptions to more advanced poses and progressions to achieve the advanced poses.
After a long and stressful day Amy's class is just what I need to relax and find peace within myself and leave my problems behind. I have been to other classes before but none so calming and restorative as Amy's."
- Nell

Seated Yoga

"Your class gave me a safe way of starting to get to know and trust my body again after a couple of years of limited mobility due to a slipped disc. When I first came to you I could not even pick a pencil off the floor from seated position. It’s was a shock initially to see how little strength, flexibility and balance I had been left with. However within a few weeks I began to feel better about my range of movement, especially in my back, and learnt to listen to where my body was from one week to another, this was so important as it helped counter my tendency to want to ‘improve’ in a linear fashion! You provided a safe space for me to start feeling connected to my physical senses again.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Kate

"Amy has taken me in her Seated Yoga class for over two years and not only has my flexibility increased, my back pain has considerably reduced.


I am disabled and I went along to Amy’s class with much trepidation and with the intention not to return again after the first week. She was very welcoming and helped me fill out the necessary paperwork, together with quickly taking me through the more complex (not necessarily harder) exercises.


Two years on and I look forward to my class with Amy. She is very kind and has no expectation of you and begins by telling you to ‘listen to your body’ and ‘to only do as much as your body dictates’. She gives you alternative exercises if you have any pain in a particular area and tells you which part of the body each exercise is targeting.


I have no doubt in recommending Amy and her Seated Yoga class. It has improved my muscle strength, my flexibility, and I am improving all the time!" - SP

"I have attended the Seated Yoga classes for the last two years and have found them very beneficial. I have chronic back problems and these classes do help to keep me supple. They are not too strenuous and you can go at your own pace. The sessions are friendly and are situated in pleasant surroundings. I would certainly recommend them to anyone whether they have specific problems or just want a gentle hour of stretches and relaxation." - Pat

"I love seated yoga!

I am overweight and have osteoarthritis in my feet, knees and back.   We still do standing poses but have the chairs for balance and to use for the relaxation and warm up stretches.

Since doing Amy’s classes I feel much better, have less pain and more movement." - Angie

"I was so pleased to find your classes, they have been really beneficial for me, and now I don't have sciatica any more the class gives a safe space for me to challenge myself a bit further too! Thank you!" - Kate

"Keeps me supple and strong. Suffered from a bad back for years, now much stronger in the muscles. Everyone in the class is lovely

Amy lets you go at your own pace and is complimentary

Best thing I've done for years!" - Sue


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